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Published on Mar 8, 2012

2,000 Years of Chinese History! The Mandate of Heaven and Confucius:
Crash Course World History #7

In which John introduces you to quite a lot of Chinese history by
discussing the complicated relationship between the Confucian scholars
who wrote Chinese history and the emperors (and empress) who made it.
Included is a brief introduction to all the dynasties in Chinese
history and an introduction to Confucius and the Confucian emphasis on
filial piety, the role the mandate of heaven played in organizing
China, and how China became the first modern state.


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Ladies and Gentleman the time has come for me to end my reign of research and typing on the wonderful world of China and move on to something else. I would like to thank you, all my viewers for following me on this historic experience and for exploring the depths of the unfound world of China 1750. It has been a great roller coaster ride and I look forward to seeing what the future may have install for this blog page. Every comment and like you have  made on my page greatly supports me in figuring out what content you guys wish to see more of and what I may be doing wrong. I take the criticism on board and make a difference to please my followers and viewers. But in conclusion thankyou all for participating and I will see you on my next post. Goodbye Everyone! 

My last Reflection, I will discuss what I liked about blogging and what I learned about 1750s China and much more!


Today is my last Personal Reflection blog on what I learned and how I enjoyed my time Blogging. The past 4 weeks have been a blast in History class. Every lesson we would contribute work and research to our blog. Everyone found It enjoying and a fun way to learn about Ancient China. But this reflection isn’t about them or what they liked, its about me, and what I found enjoying and fun. I liked blogging as a part of my History Assessment task for semester 1. It allowed me to gather information and learn all I wanted to know about at my own pace without having to rush and complete work I wasn’t that interested in to start with. It allowed me to research what I thought was interesting and I could experiment and style my blog for how it suited me. Overall I liked the blogging assessment task for year 9 history and I hope all History teachers of all grades would consider using blogging as a form of assessment task as all the boys would enjoy and find the work a lot more fun and interesting.

Now to what I learned in my time blogging about China. I learned that China was a very civilized country and nation. Chinese Society was very peaceful and the Chinese easily sustained life on this landscape. China was very behind in Industrialising its country and if they did not proceed up the market soon, they would fall down and life would be a lot harder to sustain. Chinas industrial revolution was much similar to that of the English industrial Revolution. The Qing Dynasty was the controlling power over the Chinese society and Empire. Chinese Culture/tradition and Belief were very sacred and were often practiced or celebrated annually such as the Chinese New Year. Dragons were seen and still are seen to the Chinese people as gods, and creators of man. The English and Chinese had both bad and good relationships with each other. Wars and Empire control power were key features of China at this time. China and the British were two very different races of people. Overall I have learned more than I ever could imagine about China through this blog and it has helped me to get a better understanding of what China was like in 1750. Of course this could all not be possible without the value of research so I will leave links to websites and videos that may help you achieve the knowledge of China that I have. My next post will be my last for this blog on China so please stay tuned for one more crazy post. Bye Bye! 

My second Inquiry Question is the following, To what extent did Chinese society change as a result of contact with Europeans?


sChinese society drastically changed as the more countries China had been involved with. The European country that had changed China the most was England. The British wanted to do various things with China to promote a positive and well benefiting relationship. The Chinese were to trade rather expensive and antique like goods for in return they would receive a much similar product. However when the British were to exploit the product Opium which the Chinese had sold them, they would see it as an act of distrust and disloyalty. This was the start of the First Opium War which would lead the British to victory and the Chinese disgusted with their former trades people and national ally. Chinese society had changed from being a self sufficient and thriving country to being a well renowned foreign landscape with British and European settlers surrounding its coastal areas. China was no longer in solitude. The Opium Wars had changed the way China saw the British and other Europeans, and they sought to rid them off their proud land and reclaim it for the Chinese and the Chinese only. The British started Chinese Rebellions and many other wars changing a once versatile and harmless nation to a country of hostile invaders. But the Europeans didn’t just achieve a negative and violent goal. the Chinese also greatly benefited from the contact with Europeans. China had its Industrial Revolution because of Foreign contact. Their population grew because of foreign contact. Their economy grew because of foreign contact. Their empire grew because of foreign contact. Their military force grew because of foreign contact. Overall their nation became a country of power, wealth and admiration because of Foreign contact. My next blog I will be a reflection on how I felt about my blog and what I learned personally about China. So be sure to follow me and read alongside me.  

To Conclude my blog on 1750s China, I will address one of the questions given to me at the start of the topic, What were the Key Features of Chinese society around 1750?


Key Features during this time period were the Changes in Industrial technology and farming technology, this changed how China produced goods and food products as it was much faster as needed for a growing population. The countries economic state, China was one of the worst economic countries during the early 1750s, but that soon changed after Chinas industrial Revolution which allowed more product to be produced faster and quicker, it was then pushed to one of the top five leading economic countries of the world. The Qing Dynasty were a key part of the 1750s time as they were the reigning emperors and hierarchy during this time. Chinese Culture and Tradition was a very influential system in Chinese society and many people participated in events or practiced  many different forms of religion. The Opium Wars one and two were very significant during the 1750s to 1900s era it showed a clear distinction of race between the British and Chinese. The Boxer Rebellion also contributed to this point. One last thing of key features of China was its Geography and landscaping. Much of China today still has many geographical features and landmarks that were seen in China in 1750. Not much as changed and it still remains a very natural environment. My next Blog will discuss how the British invaders/settlers came to influence and how they changed the society of China.